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Pasayahan sa Lucena (Festival in Lucena)

An annual mardi-gras type of festivity. The event was conceptualized to showcase the natural ecological interrelationship and independence between nature and man. It also promotes the way of life inherent among the people of Lucena. The main street of Lucena, Quezon Avenue is closed on these dates. People flock to the “tiangge” (street bazaar) which can be found in the entire stretch of the main street. There is also a street party with several live bands spread out along the stretch of the street. Another feast highlighting the entire celebration is the “Chami Festival.” Lucena is known for the best taste of chami (a special noodle dish made of locally- produced noodle, cooked like pancit with meats, vegetables and spices). via -

I’m Proud to be Lucenahin! :)))

Kamay ni Hesus (Hands of Jesus)

Located in Lucban, Quezon.This is a popular Catholic landmark built around 2002 and it is where the 50-foot image resurrected Jesus Christ is located and there it has the 300-steps Divine Shrine.


Kuwebang Lampas

This hidden beach is located at extremity of brgy. ibabang Polo at Pagbilao, Quezon. I’m surprised when I saw the beach, twas like I’m in a paradise. The water is crystal clear and has literally white sand.

This place is very far, for about 2 hours travel time from the terminal.

Pride of Padre Burgos (Quezon Province)


the island has a wider stretch of shoreline with pine trees. the beach is quiet and peaceful so you could relax and unwind.


Its name derived from the places of Boracay and Palawan because of its white sand and rock formations and limestone cliffs.


whoa, god has a picture of me!

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Thank you GOD for blessing me much more than I deserve